Yoga – dancer’s pose


Source: Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev, one of my favourite actresses, is also apparently an accomplished yogini. Here is a recent photo of her (pictured on the right) holding a Dancer’s pose, also known as the¬†Natarajasan.

Now I’m not sure if being paleo has anything to do with yoga but I really enjoy practising yoga and have been trying to increase my flexibility for the longest time. I’ve been really lazy about it because it’s so painful to train. But for the past two years, I’ve been making new year resolutions to be flexible enough to do a split and have never reached that goal. I’ve gotten more flexible ever since I started yoga, yes, but the progress has been excruciatingly slow.

Dancer's pose

Here’s my Dancer’s pose. Terrible, I know. This pose requires both hamstring and spine flexibility, both of which I lack.

Dancer's pose

This is my good friend Alicia, who is also my yoga inspiration. Her Dancer’s pose is incredible as you can see. Her leg is nearly straight. I suppose she is even more flexible than Nina Dobrev! On a side note, Alicia’s sister Michelle has an interesting blog about travel and life in Singapore if you’re interested to visit.

I’m going to revisit this pose in a couple of months to see if I’ve made any improvements.

5 thoughts on “Yoga – dancer’s pose”

  1. I have read about the paleo diet and I think you are onto a good thing. Let me taste your breads!! Sounds delicious.

    And by the way I have seen both you and alicia in yoga classes! Both of u r great. Unlike me who will probably make u laugh. Amanda laughed at me when I was in her class. Go ask Alicia.

  2. i mostly do pole dance which also requires flexibility , i mean it is not a must but every move looks way better when you are able to bend your legs and back! the problem! do you have any idea how to get a bendy back ? i mean the process takes alot of time , i know but it is also very painful that sometimes i just give up.

    1. According to my friend Alicia, who’s pictured in this post, it took her two years to get a bendy back. She started with average flexibility and now she can fold backwards into a back bend from a standing position.

      I feel your pain about back bends! I found this link to a discussion on how to progress in terms of back flexibility exercises. There’s also a video. I think I’ll try some of the exercises.

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