Yoga – warrior 1

After our weekly Sunday hot yoga class, Alicia got down to demonstrating the Warrior 1 pose. In the Warrior sequence, there are three poses. This is Warrior I or Virabhadrasana I.

Warrior 1

Her Warrior I pose is accompanied by a very deep backbend. It is not necessary to arch so far back but it’s a good practice for backbends. Similar to most yoga poses, this requires alignment of the hips – both of them should face forward. The back leg should be strong and not bent. The back foot can either be off the ground like what Alicia is doing or grounded at a 45 degrees angle.

warrior 1 partner yoga

Here I am with Emily at the Botanic Gardens doing a simple Warrior I with no backbend. We have our back foot at a 45 degrees angle on the ground instead of lifted like in the earlier photo. I’m not so sure which is more correct because different teachers have different preferences. Looking at this photo now, I think we could have shifted our shoulders further back to stretch the chest and arms.

After we our mini yoga workout, we pigged out on the food we brought for our picnic.


3 thoughts on “Yoga – warrior 1”

  1. Hi guys. Thanks for doing up this blog. It’s given me quite a few tips (really like the post on where to get healthy oils).

    It is so hard to follow paleo eating here in Singapore. Even just ordering vegetables from a typical Chinese mixed-rice stall doesn’t cut it with the oil, bits of this and that. Yong tau foo seems to be the easiest choice out there. Just boil them veges… But meat-wise, it’s a disaster. There is nothing that isn’t marinated is some kind of sauce or battered and fried. Well I’ll be following your adventures and picking up tips from you. Thanks!

    1. Hi KW, thanks for leaving a comment! I agree with you that it’s really difficult to follow paleo eating in Singapore, unless you cook at home. One thing I’m quite conscious as well is that I don’t want to be difficult with my friends by being fussy so I just do the best I can when I eat out and follow Mark Sisson’s 80/20 rule. I agree with you that YTF is quite safe, you can choose the correct items and everything is just boiled.

      Please let us know as well if you have any useful tips! Thanks!

  2. Hello… Yea, likewise I’m conscious that I do not become a fussy eater when with friends. Sadly I’m the sort that finds cooking at home a chore and there are only so many days in a row I can eat a salad before I get sick of it.

    Sometimes, if I end work late, I try to pop by the nearest Cold Storage and buy their sushi. I think after 8pm or 830pm, they’re all half off. I pick the raw stuff if I can, and avoid the sweet beancurd skin Inari sushi. Not always an available option but sushi/sashimi (without the rice) is really tasty.

    And if there are any Korean places around, I go for their Bibimbap and ask for less rice (which I will mix together with the ingredients and then only pick out the veges and meat), more kimchi.

    Often find myself suggesting Japanese food when out eating with friends now. Ha… You have already recommended Sushi Tei and Rotisserie, two of my fav places. Hope to see more recommendations of places to eat. Like a Paleo version of Makansutra guidebook. Haha… Thanks!

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