Restaurant review: Mookata Tradtional Thai BBQ

I didn’t know what a Thai BBQ steamboat was until I tried Mookata Thai BBQ for the first time yesterday. In fact, yesterday was the first time I stepped into Golden Mile Complex, which is located at Beach Road. I’ve only been to Golden Mile to take the bus to Malaysia and didn’t know that it’s considered to be “Little Thailand.”

I wanted to do a review of Mookata because I think it’s a great place for paleo eating. The first thing I noticed when we sat down to eat was that lard was used to coat the grill.

thai bbq golden mile

The white pieces you see here are not squid but lard. Animal fats have long been vilified because they were thought to contribute to obesity (“lard-ass”) but now we know better. Using lard for the BBQ ticks the first paleo checkbox!

mookata thai

There were six of us and we were required to order two meal sets. Each set costs $23, which comes with a meat platter for the grill and another bowl containing vegetables, eggs and noodles for the soup. The portions are generous; each plate contains a substantial amount of pork, chicken, prawns and liver. Second paleo checkbox ticked! Toss out the processed crab sticks and hot dogs, please, or let your non-paleo friends eat them.

The chilli that accompanied the food was also heavenly. We were given raw garlic that were to be added to the chilli.

beef mookata

You can also order side dishes if the set isn’t enough. Here we order a medium plate of beef. Usually beef tends to be my favourite meat but the fatty pork strips in the main set were the most delicious that night.

thai bbq liver

This is a small plate of liver that my friends ordered. I know that organs are nutritious but I really hate the taste. I feel like I’m eating chewy blood. But if you like liver, this is apparently very delicious. They were raving about it.

thai bbq singapore

This is the aftermath of our BBQ. The soup became extra tasty after a while as the lard melted on the grill and flowed down into the soup. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

Golden Mile Complex,
5001 Beach Road, #01-87

4 thoughts on “Restaurant review: Mookata Tradtional Thai BBQ”

  1. hey i have not tried this – outside our house, there is one too. I hate steamboat… reminds me of CNY… all the massive gatherings and we have to go to so many places.

    But i have heard about this steamboat – seems nice

  2. Thanks for this! I always look forward to my trips to the Golden Mile Complex, as The Thai Supermarket is my favorite place to shop in the country. I will definitely need to checkout Mookata, especially after an amazing meal I had in Cambodia with a similar setup (a bunch of meats cooked with a slab of lard).

    1. I haven’t been to the Thai Supermarket! I would have to check it out. What do you buy there? Coconut products? Yes do check out Mookata it’s really delicious!

      1. I get a bunch of stuff from the Thai Supermarket. They have coconut milk in tetra packs and no additives or stabilizers or any of that horse sh*t. That’s my biggest draw to the market. They also have curry pastes that are completely paleo (if the labels are telling the truth)… this is a major bonus to me since making your own is often a bit of a pain. While I’m there, I’ll always pick up some thai essentials like kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass, coriander, basil, and galangal. I haven’t been able to find galangal anywhere else, although the internet seems to think that “blue ginger” is the same as galangal. I’m not yet convinced. I’ll usually hit Nutrimax Organic (which I think you reference in another post) on the way to or from the market, which adds a nice little bonus to the mix.

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