I’m guilty of buying too many workout clothes

I must admit. I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to shopping. On one hand, I really dislike going to the malls and fighting to breathe above the crowd, but on the other hand, when I find something I like, I need to buy the same piece in different colours or styles. There was once when I was shopping for work shoes and I bought the same pair in three different colours. Heck, it saved me from going shoe shopping for another year.

It’s the same with workout gear. I can’t just have one. I need to have a few pieces of the same top.


katherine-heigl Source: Shape

I have about eight pairs of trousers. Most of them are black and blue. They all go to the knee and they all look the same.

Sports bras

audrina-patridge Source: Shape

I have six of them. I don’t exercise six times a week and I don’t wear them without a shirt so I don’t know why I need so many of them and in different colours.

Sports tops


I have six sports tops. These are the ones that have the sports bras attached to them so you don’t need to wear a separate bra (which nullifies the need for me to have six of them in the first place – see above section).

The ones pictured here are from Lululemon, a Canadian yoga wear company that opened in Singapore quite recently. They are known for their loose yoga tops that don’t slip down. So when you twist around, you don’t expose your stomach fats. I decided that I needed to buy two even though they served virtually identical functions. Arghh.

What do you wear to work out?

2 thoughts on “I’m guilty of buying too many workout clothes”

  1. Hi! I was wondering where you get most of your tops from? Pants seem to be easy for me to find, but all the tops seem to bare quite a lot of skin which I’m not too keen on!

    1. Hi Kerrie! What kind of sports do you do? I like New Balance and Reebok for their tops. I’ve bought loose running tops from New Balance and loose yoga tops from Reebok. They are great because they don’t stick to my body. I have two Lululemon tops as well (they are loose in the tummy area as in the post) but they are deadly expensive and I felt really guilty for buying them after!

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