Would you send your child to this “skool”?

my first skool singapore

Have you seen this childcare centre around the neighbourhoods? The first time I passed by “my first skool” I did a double-take. Are they seriously misspelling “school”?

Singaporeans already have so much trouble with the English language and here we have 98 childcare centres around Singapore teaching kids that school is spelled as “skool.” It was mind-boggling.

Apparently, this re-branding was done by NTUC to “reflect its philosophy, which includes encouraging children to be creative and not penalising them when they make mistakes such as spelling errors.”

What?? We should jolly well correct children if they make spelling errors. Why would you handicap them at such a young age? Shouldn’t we teach them good grammar and good vocabulary right from the start, especially when their brains are like sponges at that age?

Imagine little Jonny writing in his composition:

One fines day, I wake up n go to skool. I like my teecher.

His teacher gives a big black tick on his little essay and does not correct his misspelling. Or if she does, little Jonny bellows, “Didn’t you tell me school is spelled as “skool?

I’m not the only one perturbed by this. Everything also complain said that this was cruel and nonsensical. Someone from a language centre argued that “the very young need to understand that when it comes to rules (spelling rules, grammar rules), accuracy and precision are important.”

Damn right they have to!

I will not send my children to this childcare centre. But the cruelty of this is that while I may be able to afford to send them somewhere more expensive in order for them to get a good education, some people will not be able to. And these people are the ones who need it the most.

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