I bought paleo rosemary bread from Nature’s Bakes

Did I mention that I love bread? Because I love bread, I’ve been baking on my own using paleo baking ingredients. I’ve had some successes (banana muffins and “pizza” turned out well) but had experienced many more failures. It’s not easy. Every measurement must be precise and the slightest change in the recipe can cause problems.

I decided to go to the experts and order a loaf of Rosemary bread from Nature’s Bakes. Not only is Pauline an excellent baker, she also coaches at Crossfit Singapore.

We met up for the first time today at an MRT station. I felt like I was on a blind date. “I’m wearing a sleeveless grey top,” I messaged her, “I’m sitting on the left hand side.”

The reason why I was meeting her was to buy a loaf of rosemary bread. The base of this bread was coconut and almond flour. There was no sugar or honey or fruits. Pauline warned me that it might be a bit plain so it was best to eat it with butter. Personally, I prefer my bread without sugar or fruits so then I can add whatever toppings I want.

The bread was given to me wrapped in plastic.

paleo rosemary bread

I unwrapped it eagerly.

paleo bread singapore

It was a medium-sized loaf. For people who are not familiar with paleo baking, the baked goods will never rise as high as a normal wheat bread because of the lack of gluten. It was soft and springy to the touch and doesn’t smell much of anything. There was a very faint scent of herbs and an even fainter whiff of something that smells like baking soda.

I cut four slices for breakfast and added guacamole on the side. The bread sliced well. It didn’t crumble, which happens sometimes with paleo baked goods when you don’t have enough binders such as eggs or banana.

gluten free bread

First I tried a small piece plain. As Pauline mentioned, it didn’t really have much of a flavour and definitely should be eaten with butter or some other topping. I covered mine with loads of hearty guacamole. I gobbled four slices!

I don’t have the exact nutrition content of her bread but I decided to do a rough estimation by picking one of the Paleo breads available on My Fitness Pal. Together with the guacamole, I consumed 52 grams of healthy fats, 20 grams of carbs and 19 grams of protein for breakfast.

paleo bread calories

Pauline also bakes banana bread and a variety of cakes and muffins that look absolutely delicious. Check out her website if you want to order paleo baked stuff. They are also great for people with gluten intolerance.

What I love about Paulina’s paleo rosemary bread: Great texture, springy and bouncy. No sugar. Satisfying, nutritious. I definitely didn’t crave bread after this.

What can be improved: Expensive (S$18) but this is inherent to all paleo baking that utilises good ingredients. Cannot be eaten on its own, which may bother some people. In this case, they should order the banana bread instead of the rosemary bread. Also, can smell a little bit of baking soda.

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