Power yoga class at Yoga Movement

I tricked my friend into joining a yoga class with me yesterday.

We had been to yoga before. A year ago, I convinced him to try out Hot Yoga with me at True Yoga. I managed to get a one-week pass for him. Not only did we not complete the class, it was the first and only class in the entire week he attended.

There was a lot of sweating and slipping on the mat. There was no flow to the series, just a bunch of strange static movements that weren’t necessarily yoga poses. Needless to say, he didn’t enjoy the experience very much.

Since then, I have learnt my lesson. No more hot yoga for him. Singapore was humid enough.

So it was with some apprehension that I sent him an email asking him to accompany me to Yoga Movement. It was going to be my first time there and I needed company, pretty please.

“Not a hot class!” I added in the email.

Yoga Movement has two outlets. We went to the older one at Carpenter Street, which was located just across The Central and close to Clarke Quay MRT. Service was great. We were supposed to arrive 15 minutes before class but we got lost looking for the entrance. We actually received a call from the receptionist asking if we were still attending the class as they were waiting for us. The big yoga studios would never call you asking where you were!

There are two studios at Yoga Movement. Our class was in the smaller studio, which had about 20 mats or so.

Yoga movement Carpenter Street

The class was so crowded there was no mat for the teacher, Lindsay. Despite this, she gave very clear instructions and was able to guide us verbally. I was able to adjust my poses and muscles when she told us to relax our neck or inch higher with our hands. This was the first time I have been to a class where the teacher barely demonstrated any poses.

I was worried that my friend wouldn’t be able to follow. But when I peeked at him, he was doing very well. The mirrors at the front and back of the class helped us follow the other students.

Yoga Movement Singapore

At the end of one hour, I asked him how he liked the class.

“It was really good!” he said. “Difficult but good!”

I cheered inside. It turned out that he liked the flow and was able to relax into the rhythm after getting used to the movements. He said that his limbs were trembling at times but it was a good workout.

We paid $25 each for the class and $1 to borrow the towels. If you purchase more classes at a yoga, you get a discount per class. $190 gets you 10 classes, which is $19 per class, whereas $350 gives you 20 classes at $17.5 each class. This is very good value definitely.

You may not know this but I’m such a fan girl of Tara Stiles, who runs a yoga studio in the US. I tweeted her with a photo of me wearing the yoga top from her Reebok line and she replied. This is a photo of me in Yoga Movement’s toilet.

Yoga Movement Tara Stiles

This is Tara Stiles wearing the same top I wore but in white.

tara stiles reebok

What I love about Yoga Movement: Small class size, good location, very affordable, good teacher who understood flow. Even if it was a boutique studio, they didn’t scrimp on the quality of the mats. I am keen to try more classes.

What can be improved: There were only two shower rooms and no lockers. I brought my valuables into the class. That being said, the Tanjong Pagar studio has all these amenities that the older studio lacks.

2 thoughts on “Power yoga class at Yoga Movement”

  1. Hi there! I see your posts that you’ve been to Yoga Movement. Not sure if you’re still going there, but can I know which class did you attend in order to learn things like headstands and handstands? The descriptions on the website weren’t too clear ;P Thank you!

    1. Hi Stella! I don’t go to Yoga Movement anymore. The best way to learn inversions is via workshops. I have attended workshops by Yoga Movement and Hom Yoga – some focus on inversions and others on arm balances. Yoga festivals are a good way to learn too. You don’t really get to learn it in regular classes, although some teachers do dedicate the last bit of their classes to more difficult poses. Have you tried Kiki at Yoga Movement? She teaches tougher poses at the end of her class.

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