20% of my body is made of fats

I’ve noticed the fat analyser in my gym but never had the courage to use it. Would the personal trainers come over to sell me their services if I use their machines, I wondered.

My wonderment came to an end a few days ago when I saw a man step up to the fat analyser, not once, but twice. He received two print-outs for his efforts. I waited until the gym was mostly empty before I got onto onto the machine.

I entered my height, age and gender. The machine did the rest.

As I waited for my diagnosis, I felt like a child waiting for my exam results.

body fat

It turned out that my body was made up of 20% fat.

I found this illustration online that shows you what that should look like. This is a great visual guide that helps you estimate if you don’t have access to such a nifty machine.

body-fat-levels-women21Source: Fitt Chicks

And here is the men’s equivalent:

different-body-fat-percentageSource: Fitz101

I think it’s quite difficult to make a value judgement on what is “ideal.” For someone who is obese, maybe 20% body fat seems really low and desirable. For an athlete who is fighting against an uphill cycle, a lower percentage of body fat (and higher percentage of muscles) may be more advantageous.

In fact, women body builders aim for  an average fat body percentage of 6-10%, while a fitness competitor would go for 9-15% body fat.  This post explains the difference between bikini models, figure models and body builders.

Are there such competitions in Singapore I wonder?


2 thoughts on “20% of my body is made of fats”

  1. Hey i tried this that day and my body fat is 22%. So you are definitely skinner than me!!!

    Yes stepping onto that thing is frightening and you are constantly holding your breath for the trainers NOT to come near you to coax you into signing up for a program!

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