Restaurant review: Red Pig Korean Restaurant

I found another paleo-friendly restaurant!

Red Pig is a Korean restaurant that specialises in BBQ meat. It has a similar concept to Mookata, the Thai BBQ place I reviewed recently. I think I prefer Red Pig because the meat have less sauce and feel less heavy in my tummy.

It was Alicia’s suggestion to go to Red Pig for a girl’s night out. We made a reservation for 730pm on a Thursday night because it was known to get packed really quickly.

Red Pig Singapore

All the tables came with a BBQ grill and some vacuum tube from the ceiling that sucks up the BBQ fumes. Nonetheless, be prepared for your clothes and hair to stink after Red Pig.

The menu for the BBQ was quite limited. All the items were meat and you can only get vegetables if you order one of the stews, such as the tofu soup or one of the noodles. However, we were given vegetable side dishes (known as banchan), although not all of them were free flow. We liked the steamed egg side dish, for example, and was told that we had to pay for it if we wanted some more. On the other hand, the tofu, vegetables and kimchi were free flow.

We decided on three meat dishes, which were about $20 each. They were the red pork, red chicken and pork belly. The red pork is their signature dish. Here is the picture of the red pork and red chicken. The portion size is not very large.

Red Pig Korean

The red pork is the one on the left, and was tastier than the red chicken, pictured on the right. I guess it’s because the sauce is giving it a more intense flavour. My favourite, however, was the pork belly.

Red Pig Singapore menu

It came to us in its pure, unadultered form. No suspicious coloured sauce. Just pork and glorious fat. The next time I go back, I would just order the pork belly and nothing else. This was the best item, paleo-wise, but also appealed the most to my taste buds because I tend to dislike heavy sauces. Both Alicia and Emily preferred the red pork over the red chicken.

I thought the service was quite good. We didn’t quite know what to do with the meat and the waitress came over to help us cut up our food without our prompting!

red pig korean amoy

Look at the yummy pork fat.


Look at our very happy faces.

Red Pig Korean Restaurant
93 Amoy St
Singapore 069913

(The nearest MRT station is either Raffles Place or Chinatown)

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