My 5km run at Run & Raisin’ 2013

Run & Raisin is one of the lower profile running events in Singapore. Organised by TOUCH Young Arrows, a charity organisation, the proceeds from the race go to help out children in need.

The race took place last Saturday on the 6th July 2013 at Gardens by the Bay. This is turning out to be a very popular location for races; the Nike She Runs race was held there as well. But unlike the Nike race, which was packed to the brim, Run & Raisin’ was not crowded at all. It was a pleasant surprise. I expected to be squashed elbow to elbow on my run but it was not so. I could even see the starting line! As a result, the running was relaxing and way more fun than the more popular races, such as those organised by the big banks and brand names.

run and raisin singapore

One of my favourite things about entering such running events is the goodie bag. Well, there was actually nothing amazing about it to write home about – we received some detergent, a one-week pass to Fitness First and various other bar snacks. Apart from the detergent, I couldn’t really use anything else. Of course, the best part of the goodie bag was the unveiling of the race shirt. What colour would be it this year? Would it fit me? Is it sleeveless?

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The running top turned out to be bright orange in colour. Last year’s shirt was neon green. I guess next year is likely to be highlighter yellow. I didn’t really like it because I felt the shirt was too big and I have to tuck in the front into my shorts. Such big shirts usually get relegated to sleeping wear (no need to ever buy PJs). Fortunately, I didn’t wear this to the race because our company sponsored FBT tops for us.

run and raisin singapore 2013

Yay! Sleeveless and not huge like pyjamas!

I held on to my big ass phone and ran with it. It turned out that the race was 300 metres farther than it was supposed to be. I took more than 32 minutes to complete it. I believe the fastest ever 5km recorded was under 15 minutes – a world record held by Ethopian runner Tirunesh Dibaba.

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tirunesh-dibaba-london-2012Source: 2012 London Olympics

She is skinny and has a muscular core – just what I want!

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