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I remember when I was a child, my fridge was always stocked full of various spreads because eating plain white bread was our breakfast staple. We had butter at first, which was then replaced by margarine (eww) as our health promotion board told us that plant oils were better. We also had strawberry jam, kaya, chocolate spread, marmalade and marmite. But my all-time favourite was peanut butter. I loved crunchy peanut butter. I loved the chunks of peanuts trapped in a creamy, sticky mess that was both sweet and salty at the same time. I could eat peanut butter straight from the jar and I often did.

skippy super chunk

Skippy Super Chunk was my favourite.

peter pan peanut butter


Peter Pan was a close second.

But like almost all processed food, these products contain additives that are just bad for our bodies! Skippy Super Chunk contains: roasted peanuts, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils (cottonseed, soybean and rapeseed), salt. Peter Pan doesn’t even list ingredients on their website!

What’s a peanut butter-loving girl to do?!

Thankfully, I found an alternative from Adams Peanut Butter. The best thing is that it’s sold at NTUC Fairprice so I don’t have to go some special organic store to get it. I bought one bottle (454 grams) for about $5, which is quite reasonable compared to my usual Melrose almond butter, which goes for $13 for half the size.

adams peanut butter singapore

They have both crunchy and creamy and I chose crunchy! As with all natural butters, the oil separated and formed a top layer.When I first opened it, I used a metal spoon to stir for 30 seconds before eating the peanut butter. Subsequently, stirring would get easier as the amount of peanut butter decreases.

peanut butter adams natural

The ingredients list is such: Peanuts, contains 1% or less of salt

That is so much better than Skippy and Peter Pan.

From a paleo point of view, however, I read that peanut butter is in a grey area. It is called peanut but it’s actually not a nut; in fact it’s a legume that contains potentially gut-irritating lectins. However, Mark’s Daily Apple said that there have been no conclusive studies regarding the effects of eating peanut butter and the peanut itself is fairly nutritious and rich in polyphenols.

To be safe though, an alternative to peanut butter are nut butters, including almond butter, macadamia butter and cashew butter.  I love all of them. I even prefer the taste of almond butter to peanut butter now. However, these nut butters are extremely expensive (something like $13 for 250 grams of Melrose almond butter, and even more for the more expensive nuts like macadamia).

melrose nut butters

almond butter meridian


Here I’m conducting a taste test between Melrose almond butter and Meridian almond butter; the latter can be purchased at Holland and Barrett for about $9. Meridian almond butter has a pinch of salt, whereas Melrose does not contain salt. I’m not sure why the colour is so different since they are both almonds. I suppose Meridian has more almond skin. In terms of taste, they are nearly identical. In terms of texture, I prefer Melrose because it’s creamier and the nut chunks are slightly larger.

Until I figure out a way to make my own nut butters, I will continue to burn a hole in my pocket for these nut butters because they are way more delicious than peanut butter and more nutritious. I have seen them sold in:

  • NTUC Fairprice (health food section)
  • NTUC Unity
  • Yes Natural Retail
  • BGO Online Shop (sells brands called Dastony and Rawmio, which I have not tried)
  • Holland and Barrett (sells Meridian brand)

15 thoughts on “Alternatives to peanut butter”

    1. It’s basically blended nuts and they get broken down into a creamy paste, exactly like peanut butter. Try one bottle if you chance upon them! Almond butter is my favourite but my mum and Tom both prefer the ABC blend (almonds, brazil nuts and cashews). I eat it by the spoonful!

  1. Amazing! Thanks for the link. I’ve never seen this website before, they seem to have a lot of natural products. PB2 has sugar added to it though… so sadly that would be off my list.

    What do you do with the spread? Put it on toast? I tend to eat peanut butter straight from the jar hahah…

  2. Hello! I am a fan of PB as well, and had been eating Adams for a while.
    Have you tried Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter though? I thought Adams was a decent alternative to the usual supermarket brands, but am a huge Pic’s convert after trying the unsalted version.

  3. Hello! I happen to come across your website and am sooo glad to see the review you did for Melrose nut butter. We recently brought them in, and are in the midst of bringing in more nut spreads:) If you are a fan of low-carb, high-protein bars, we have Quest Bars too (also in the midst of bringing other brands in).

    Thank you and have a great week ahead!:)

    Lots of love and good food,

    1. Yes the Melrose nut butters are great! I’ve heard amazing things about Quest bars but I’m not very used to eating bars… I wouldn’t know when to eat them haha.

      I notice you’re selling:

      Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie & Cocoa Swirl Spread

      Maybe you can list the ingredients? Not sure what they contain.


  4. Pic’s Peanut Butter was officially launched in Singapore at the New Zealand Food Fair at Vivocity (23 – 29 April 2014). Pic’s will be available at most Cold Storage, Jasons and Marketplace in a few weeks time. 4 variations will be made available in Singapore:

    a) Original 380g
    b) Original No Salt 380g
    c) Smooth 380g
    d) Smooth No Salt 380g

    Special price at NZ Food Fair – S$7.95 per jar

    Note: “Original” is Pic’s version of “Crunchy” peanut butter.

    Pic’s peanut butter is made in Nelson, New Zealand with hi-oleic peanuts from Australia and sea salt from Marlborough New Zealand. It contains no sugar, emulsifier, preservatives or other additives.

    Pic’s website:

  5. Is is possible to get fresh ground nut butters in Singapore. While the jar brands mentioned here are good, I prefer the taste of freshly ground nut butters – and there are no additional ingredients. These have become very common in NAmerica and every grocery wall has a wall of bulk nuts and a grinder. Very economical and very tasty. I have not seen them here in Singapore.

    1. Hi Harvey, yes there are freshly ground nut butters made in Singapore. Check them out here in my post:

      You can buy Nuts About Butter online from or at the physical store at Eden’s Kitchen at 5 Everton Park. The nut butters are churned locally so they are definitely fresh. I agree as well that there is no need to import nut butters from the US or Australia to Singapore – they can be made locally.

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