Crossfit Singapore boot camp – fun, hot and itchy

Following my first CrossFit trial at CrossFit Hub, I was raring to go for more. What’s there not to like? CrossFit seemed like a fun group exercise class where you motivate each other to get fit. So when the chance came to sign up for a boot camp organised by CrossFit Singapore at only $20 for a Sunday morning session, I was quick to take up the opportunity.

The session took place at CCAB at Evans Road. This was a different location from their regular CrossFit sessions, which are held at Ubi near Tai Seng MRT.

It was an extremely hot morning. We stood in the blazing sun to register ourselves and sign disclaimer forms.

crossfit singapore

There were about 35 people, who seemed to all be new to CrossFit.

These were two of the coaches. There were about four people assisting the whole group at any point, which was good because they could pay some attention to all of us.

crossfit singapore

The programme for the boot camp was meant to be a teaser and was a small portion of what usually happens in one CrossFit workout. It went like this:

  1. Warmup with short easy run
  2. Stretching
  3. 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 jumping jacks (3 sets)
  4. 10 minutes of burpees and 100 metres jogs/sprints (as many sets as possible within the time limit)
  5. Cool down
  6. Feedback forms

I thought that the session was very well organised and the burpees set was very fun because we did it in groups of three and had to compete against other teams. The competitive element and the fear of disappointing your team mates was an extra motivation to do the workout well. Throughout the session, we were given lots of encouragement and the coaches made an effort to learn our names and correct our form. Burpees are seriously difficult; I have bruises on my knees because I don’t have the strength to lower my body in a parallel fashion to the ground so my knees always hit first.

burpees singapore

We were also given wrist bands to wear during the session. I’m a sucker for all these little things. I thought it was a nice touch and I kept the band on for the rest of the day. It was a reminder that we did a tough workout that morning.

CCAB singapore

We took a group photo at the end. Can you tell who the coaches are and who the “unfit” participants (the rest of us) are?

When I got home, I discovered that I had a tan line on my arms and neck from standing in the sun for an hour. I also had rashes on my back and my thighs from the grass. Yes, it was fun but it was also hot and itchy! I hate that Singapore is bad for all these outdoor activities!

The next session will be held next Sunday on 28 July 2013. Do sign up via the Facebook link above in the first paragraph of this post.

What I love about this boot camp organised by CrossFit Singapore: The coaches were fun, patient and enouraging. The workout was well organised and fun. I liked that we were guided through the exercises in a detailed manner. Exercises were demonstrated to show the correct form. It was much better than the trial session we did at CrossFit Hub.

What can be improved: Boot camps in the future should be held in the evening or even better, in a sheltered area. And just for my own information, I should wear shirts with sleeves and trousers if I ever attend another outdoor exercise event because grass makes me itch!


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    haha I would DEFINITELY try CrossFit out once I’m able to run and jump again! (& after some fitness re-training…)

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