Absolute Thai restaurant – are you sure it’s Thai food?

I love Thai cuisine. Something about the combination of aromatic herbs like basil, lemongrass and mint, as well as coconut cream, appeals to my taste buds. Thai food, when cooked properly, can also be very paleo and nutritious. I remembered the first time I went to Bangkok, I was shocked at how small the food portions were! For every bowl of food the Thais ate, I could eat two times of that! That’s how Thai people remain so slim!

I have been to Absolute Thai a couple of times now. It’s an easy restaurant to eat at because it’s seldom crowded compared to the other restaurants in the vicinity of Tampines such as Din Tai Fung. Well, there is a reason why it’s usually empty – the food is just mediocre.

Absolute Thai Singapore

I had just eaten at Aroy Dee at Sunshine Plaza the week before so the contrast in flavours was quite stark for me. Whereas almost every dish at Aroy Dee was tantalising for the taste buds, I sometimes wondered if I was eating Chinese zee char at Absolute Thai.

Thai green mango salad

The first dish we had was the Thai green mango salad. It was quite tasty but in a salty, Chinese soya sauce kind of way, rather than having the light herby taste I was used to.

Thai green curry

The next dish was the Thai chicken green curry. Now green curry has to be my favourite Thai dish ever. Do it right and I’ll kindly ignore all the other poor dishes in the meal. However, this green curry was simply not up to standards. The chicken used were all lean breast meat with no fats at all, which made the texture very dry and chewy. There was only chicken in the bowl and no other vegetables apart from the herbs. The curry itself was not too bad but nothing to write home about.

Following this, we had chicken with cashew nuts. This was something I ate the last week at Aroy Dee and it was the best dish they had to offer (actually, my friends said that the Pad Thai was the best but I don’t eat noodles). However, the chicken at Absolute Thai was dry and the sauce was too sweet. Again, they were the same lean breast meat used in the green curry.

thai asparagus

The last dish was the asparagus with prawns. This was the worst one in my opinion. It looked like a typical starchy Chinese dish and tasted like one. It didn’t taste Thai at all. I avoided this after one bite.

thai coffee

The redeeming grace was the Thai coffee. I asked for a glass without sugar. The coffee was thick and creamy. Very yummy and tasted better than Kopi-c kosong.

We paid about $60 for three of us. Would I return? I would if I was desperate for Thai food and all other restaurants at Tampines had a long queue. But I don’t foresee going back anytime in the near future.

Marina Bay Link Mall | #B2-16/17, Marina Bay Link Mall, 8A Marina Boulevard

Century Square outlet (this outlet has closed down) | #01-19/20/21/22, Century Square (2 Tampines Central 5)

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