Anahata Yoga studio at Arab Street

Anahata Yoga studio is a small yoga studio tucked away in the back alleys of Arab Street. It was quite difficult to locate because it was not on the main street. Here is the entrance.

anahata yoga

I signed up for a two for $20 first time promotion, which allowed me the chance to try two power yoga classes conducted by Kiki. She came recommended to me by a colleague and I was told that she used to teach at Hom Yoga.

There were two studios at Anahata yoga and I only saw one of them because the other was meant for hot yoga. We were given mats and towels at the counter, which we brought into the small studio. I liked that the studio was small and could only house about ten students but the room didn’t have a mirror, unlike Yoga Movement, which meant that it was difficult to follow the teacher if you were right in front staring at the wall. The quality of the mats was also not as good as those provided by Yoga Movement or Hom Yoga; the material was less “sticky” and slightly harder to grip.

anahata yoga arab street

Nonetheless, the best part of a yoga studio is always the teacher and not the facilities or props. In this case, Kiki was an excellent teacher who took us through a 75 minute yoga class with a mini workshop in the middle. In my first class with her, she went through a vinyasa-like flow with us and paused to teach us step-by-step how to get into a one-legged crow or Eka Pada Bakasana I. I found a photo of Kathryn Budig in the pose and it looks like this:

Yoga-bliss-by-Kathryn-BudigSource: Yoga Pose Weekly

Nobody in the class could do it so Kiki taught us the intermediary step to prepare for this pose. It involved putting your face on the floor so that you have an extra support and then trying to lift your head up to the final pose. This was all I could manage:

one legged crow pose

Now I have to work on lifting my head up and squaring my hips!

I really liked that Kiki broke down the move for us and we had a chance to practise it for a few minutes in class. Some teachers rush through the tough moves without giving clear instructions.

The studio was also equiped with shower facilities, although I went straight home after the class so I didn’t get to use it.


Regular classes cost $20 each if you’re a member and $28 if you’re not. After my two-lesson trial, I decided not to sign up because Kiki was moving from Anahata Yoga to Yoga Movement; the latter was more conveniently located for me as well.

What I love about Anahata Yoga: Great teacher, quaint studio in lovely Arab Street, clean, has lockers, classes tend to be 75 minutes instead of just 60 minutes, affordable prices

What can be improved: The quality of the mats, mirrors in the studio would be nice, preferable if I wasn’t made to wipe down the mats myself after class

Anahata Yoga
86A Arab Street 199782

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