Today I can call myself a baker

I started baking quite recently. The urge to bake paleo bread and muffins was what made me buy an oven, buy measuring cups and an oven thermometer, among other nifty baking gadgets. It made me attend expensive bread baking classes at Shermay’s cooking school. It drove me to spend hours poring over recipe books.

I’ve never counted myself as a “baker” until today. Today, I sold my first loaf of paleo bread.

paleo bread

This simple paleo herb bread contains the most nutritious ingredients: almonds, fresh coconut, kampong eggs, yoghurt, butter, flaxseed meal and thyme.

It’s grain-free, gluten-free and sugar-free. This bread has been very difficult for me to master because of the lack of sugar. I found that baking banana paleo bread or any sweetened bread was easier because the sugar would mask any strange tastes. But I was determined to make one that was sugar-free yet tasted good. Honey was not acceptable. Artificial sweeteners had no place in my bread.

And after about 50 attempts, I’ve finally mastered the perfect sugar-free paleo bread.

I gave three slices to my colleague for testing. This colleague has been on a low carb diet for the past six months or so and has lost a lot of weight (around 8kg). He is very strict about his diet and does not eat any bread, rice or noodles. He ate my paleo bread with peanut butter and remarked that he couldn’t believed it was so healthy because it resembled bread. I know what he means. Sometimes it’s just psychological. Nutritionally, the paleo bread is nothing like bread made from wheat, but because it’s a similar size and shape and you can spread things on it, it satisfies a craving. Bread is almost like comfort food for all of us.

Because it was for sale, I decided to wrap up my bread nicely and even included a tag where I printed the ingredients. There are 18 slices in total in each loaf. Each slice contains about 2 grams of carbohydrate. I priced it at S$12, which was a reflection of the quality of the ingredients. It was very important to me that I use the freshest and purest ingredients.

Paleo bread singapore

Paleo baking Singapore

For more information about my paleo bread, please visit my paleo bakery, which is a link located at the top of this page on the header, or by clicking here.

Today for the first time in my life, I can really call myself a baker!

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