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Happy Hari Raya everyone! To celebrate this Muslim festival, I decided to have some Peranakan/Eurasian food at Casa Bom Vento, which is located at Joo Chiat. Peranakan food is an amalgation of Malay and Chinese food, and is unique to Singapore and Malaysia. This is only about the fourth time I’ve had Peranakan food. The first time was in Malacca, and the next two times were at True Blue Cuisine.

Casa Bom Vento was cosy and warm. It was a perfect place to have a relaxing weekend meal.

peranakan food singapore

I didn’t know much about Peranakan or Eurasian food so we decided to go with the recommended dishes. The signature dishes were the curry debal (or devil’s curry) and the grilled baby stingray with black peppercorns and curry leaves. We were warned that the curry debal would be very spicy and not for the faint-hearted.

curry debal

True enough, the curry debal was indeed very spicy. The dish contained chicken, hot dogs, potatoes and cabbage. This was more a Eurasian dish rather than a Peranakan dish; we were told that the former made used of vinegar, whereas Peranakan dishes tend to be more coconut-based. I didn’t like this very much because there wasn’t much flavour. It was so spicy that all I could taste was sour chilli. I also thought that hot dog was a strange ingredient to be used in restaurant food.

The next signature dish, which was the stingray, was way more delicious. It was perfectly grilled with the slightest of charred taste and infused with aromatic curry leaves and pepper. We also ordered brinjal in onion, tomato and lime sauce. It was refreshing and slightly sweet, which was a good contrast to all the other spicy dishes.

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This was followed by fried tofu in some meat sauce. This, along with the sting ray, was my favourite. I don’t really know the name of this because it wasn’t even on the menu. But the sauce was so good. It was a little bit like the minced meat in pasta sauce. It looks a bit like tahu goreng, don’t you think so?

fried tofu casa bom vento

Lastly, we ordered Ayam Pongteh, a chicken and mushroom stew in fermented soya bean. It was really yummy but my uncle said that this would be better if pork was used instead, which was more common in Malaysia.

chicken ponteh

All in all, it was a very nice dining experience. The owners were friendly and came over to tell us more about the dishes. The food was excellent and unique in most cases. The food isn’t as pricey as True Blue, which is great if you want to eat Peranakan or Eurasian food on a more regular basis.

Casa Bom Vento477 Joo Chiat Road

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  1. Peranakan food without pork can hardly be called Peranakan food… babi chin etc
    So to too with Eurasian food… say bak, babi tau-you, curry debal with ham bones…

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