Acroyoga – or how we went topsy turvy

I first heard of acroyoga from surfing on Instagram. There, I saw photos of people contorted on each other. It looked more like gymnastics rather than yoga. I wondered how they got on top of each other. It looked really difficult.

acroyoga 1Source: alexxac

acroyoga 2Source: alissayoga

acroyoga 3Source: mallzballs

It turns out that acroyoga is quite a new trend in the yoga world. It is a blend of yoga and acrobatics and was conceived by yoga practitioners in North America (Montreal and California) in 2001. This practice, as you can see from the pictures, require two people at least, and usually consists of a base, who has the most contact with the ground, as well as the flyer, who is elevated off the ground.

“Let’s try this!” I told my friends excitedly. We figured we couldn’t do any of the moves pictured above so I decided to hunt for easier poses. I found this photo by local yoga teacher Roxanne Gan.

yoga roxanne ganSource: Roxanne Gan

She’s the one doing the supported handstand.

We decided to try this pose out at Barbara’s BBQ. What better place to do it than just before eating so that we can burn some calories?

This was our first attempt. Our dogs are wondering what we are doing. We didn’t know what we were doing as well. Barbara has a solid handstand but it wasn’t the same as the photo.

acroyoga singapore

The second attempt was better. We even looked at the camera. The doggies had left by then. Knowing Pudding (my brown maltipoo) she was probably afraid we would fall on her.

acroyoga singapore 2

It was my turn for the handstand. We figured finally that the trick was to place our hands as close to each other as possible. This would make it easier for the people in the handstand to shift her weight over her shoulders.

acro yoga girls

Because Alicia went out to collect the satay, she arrived home too late to catch the later afternoon light. We got her to try out this pose but instead of a handstand, we suggested scorpion, which is a forearm balance pose.

acroyoga scorpion

All in all, I would say that this was a resounding success despite our lack of experience with acroyoga. Our next attempt, though, was a complete disaster. We decided to try this move, which again was a photo I found from Roxanne’s instagram.

roxanne gan instagram

For some reason, when we all looked at this, we thought that it shouldn’t be too difficult. We were dead wrong.

This was our best rendition of the pose. Even then, you can see that the arms and legs of Barbara and Ivan were not aligned. And even then, we had to use a guy as the base because I couldn’t lift Barbara and she couldn’t lift me.

acro yoga singapore 4

The first disaster was that Barbara got attacked by Pudding (slobbered on) when she lay on the ground.


Then when we realised we couldn’t do it on our own, we enlisted the help of Serena.


She was supposed to exit the scene for the photograph but we couldn’t balance without her help!


After our sweaty, awkward attempts at acroyoga, the good news was that our BBQ food was ready, thanks to our chefs Barbara and Ivan!

This is famous satay from Kallang with peanut and pineapple sauce.


We cooked squid, chicken wings and kobe beef.


My favourite was the kurobuta pork (left and middle on the grill), which had melt-in-your-mouth fats. It was my first time tasting it. Barbara bought it from MMMM, which specialises in meat.



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