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I follow several health conscious Instagram users. They post photos of their workouts. Some even have videos so you can watch them lift weights in the gym or perform CrossFit routines. And from time to time I would receive photos of food and how they were “clean eating.”

“What’s clean eating?” I wondered.

Most of the time, clean eating involved fruits, vegetables and whole grain, and seem to be really popular with girls trying to lose weight (And girls posting pictures of their well defined abs).

I found a really good diagram, courtesy of eMeals, of the difference between paleo and clean eating.



The great thing about this is that there are more similarities than differences. The most crucial aspect is the focus on fresh whole foods and elimination of processed food. Subsequently, it seems the paleo diet is more restrictive than clean eating in its avoidance of grains, legumes and dairy.

I think that this “clean eating” is a great starting point for anyone trying to be healthy. It’s not overly difficult to follow because you get to eat something from all major food groups. It doesn’t limit any macronutrient either.  From there, it’s a personal decision to decide if you want to go further to more paleo territory by taking out grains if you are gluten-intolerant, or removing dairy if you are lactose-intolerant. Heck, you can even remove meat if you believe in a more vegetarian lifestyle.

In any case, switching over from a typical Singaporean diet (greasy beehoon for breakfast, oily Nasi Lemak for lunch and mooncakes for dessert) to more clean eating is surely a huge improvement in itself.

Want abs like Kayla Itsines? Eat clean and drink more smoothies!

kayla itsines

Kayla_Itsines abs

smoothies clean eating

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    1. No problem! Glad it was informative. Yes I agree it’s not for everyone and I really do think that they are many ways of getting to our ultimate goal of good health 🙂

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