Review: Blue Bali on Cluny – Indonesian/Indian food with great ambiance

So the Singapore Restaurant Week madness continues at Blue Bali on Cluny. This is the second restaurant I booked and it I must say that I prefer it to Absinthe. With generous portions of food and an amazing ambiance that made me feel like I was transported back to my beloved Bali, I can say that I will be returning to this restaurant quite often. There were adequate paleo options on the menu as well and I was able to adhere quite well to clean eating with the starter and the main course.

Blue Bali on Cluny, located at Bukit Timah, is an outdoor Balinese restaurant. As you can see, they have done an excellent job in making the place look amazing, complete with Balinese statues scattered around the restaurant and a river stream on the edges of the place.

blue bali cluny

When we arrived, we were given the choice of sitting on low seats at a private veranda or at a normal table. Naturally, we chose the low seats. We could even stretch our feet out and rest our backs on the cushions.

blue bali cluny road

There were two guys seated in the next veranda. It was really quite private and romantic. This would be a great place to take your date or for an anniversary dinner!


We were given lots of choices on the menu. The three-course meal set us back about $40 each after tax and service charge, which was a really good deal considering that the main I chose (BBQ grilled snapper) cost $32 on its own.


The first starter we ordered was the avocado prawns (usual price $18). This was described as “a chilled Indonesian avocado filled with succulent prawns and topped with a delicious Bali Island dressing.” This was very tasty and a little spicy. It tasted like there was some wasabi in the sauce but I must have been imagining things. Anyway, I love wasabi so this is a compliment to the dish.

avocado prawns

The second starter we chose was the fried tofu. I couldn’t find this on the regular menu so I am not sure how much this would cost usually. Now tofu is not a paleo food because it contains soy. Soy has “isoflavones, plant hormones that mimics estrogen in the body. Some research has shown that isolated isoflavones, a.k.a. phytoestrogens, contribute to the growth of tumors in the breast, endometrium and uterus.”

But that night I chose the tofu. I really like tofu. A wiser choice would have definitely been the avocado prawns. But the tofu tasted better. It was crispy on the outside and bouncy on the inside. It came with a sweet chilli sauce that was just okay.

fried tofu

Next up was the main course. We ordered the mutton rogan josh (usual price $28) and the BBQ grilled snapper (usual price $32). It was my first time trying mutton rogan josh, which is a signature Kashmiri dish. According to Wikipedia, “rogan” apparently means clarified butter, which any self-respecting paleo-ista knows, is also known as ghee and is also one of the best fats to consume. The curry was really red because of liberals amounts of dried chilli used. This was really good.

mutton rogan josh

To me, the star of the show was the grilled fish. I was given one whole snapper that was grilled to utter perfection. There were charred bits of skin that were so delicious and I was glad that the fish wasn’t covered in some horrendously sweet and thick BBQ sauce. It was just fish in all its glory. The chilli provided was perfect. It wasn’t sickly sweet like the one that accompanied the fried tofu.


And lastly, here are some photos of the dessert for my non-paleo readers to enjoy. I ate the mango sticky rice with coconut ice cream (usual price $12) and I must say that the coconut ice cream was bloody good. I’ve never tried coconut ice cream before and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It tasted natural and not sweet at all. The sticky rice, on the other hand, was less impressive; there was not enough mango and too much rice.

mango sticky rice

The lemongrass pannacotta with mixed fruit compote (usual price $13) was the last. I didn’t try this because of my aversion to sweet puddings but I was assured that it was very good indeed.


The service at Blue Bali was very good and our food arrived promptly. After our meal, we spent some time just lounging at our seats and enjoying the Balinese music and relaxed atmosphere. I felt transported away and I was already planning to come back for lunch another time. I liked that there were also many acceptable paleo items on the menu, including the duck confit and chicken salad.

Blue Bali on Cluny
1D Cluny Rd  259600

If you are driving or taking a taxi, be sure to drive into the NUS Law School. The restaurant is located within the faculty, right at the back of the school.

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    1. No mosquitoes at all! I think evening would probably be better though since its outdoors and with the Singapore weather being so hot nowadays… it’s a really really nice place, do let me know if you like it!

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