Review: Zafferano Restaurant, Italian fine-dining, small portions

Singapore Restaurant Week 2013 concludes for me with lunch at Zafferano! This Italian restaurant is located on the 43rd floor of Ocean Financial Centre so dining here gives you a great view of the financial district’s skyline.

Fine dining is usually not my thing. For one, I like to relax in a more casual setting. And secondly, being a typical Singaporean, shorts and slippers are my requisite weekend wear. The good thing about the Singapore Restaurant Week is that it gave me a chance to try something new. It also gave me a chance to take my parents out to a nice restaurant.

The interior was quite lovely.


You can watch the chefs at work behind glass walls.


For the lunch menu, we could choose between the “Millefeullie of eggplant and buffalo mozzarella” and the “Zafferano salad with asparagus, raddish rosso, arugula, romaine, iceberg, shredded carrot, beetroot, raddish, pine nuts, oil and citrus dressing.”

The salad was absolutely divine. Yes, it looks like just a pile of tasteless greens here but it was fresh and the flavours worked very well together. My mum and I agreed that this was the best out of the three courses. But then again, we do like our healthy food.

salad zafferano

The other members of my family ate the baked eggplant. It was also very nice with the melted cheese. The only problem was that portion was small. My brother was especially miffed about that.


For the main course, we all went for the “free range baby chicken marinated with sage garlic and rosemary roasted on cedar wood.” I was happy that the the chicken was free range. I was less happy, however, about the taste. My mum thought that the chicken was a little dry. I didn’t think there wasn’t anything special tasting about the chicken being roasted on cedar wood. The mushrooms at the side were quite tender and buttery, and were even tastier than the chicken.

zafferano restaurant week

For dessert, the choice was between the tiramisu and a light cheese crème with toffee filing on a crunchy biscuit base.

Between the two, I was told that the tiramisu tasted better.

zafferano dessert

I was quite impressed by the portion size of the tiramisu. It took up the whole plate. My dad liked this one a lot. He was beaming the whole time he was eating it.

tiramisu zafferano

After the meal, my brother declared that fine dining wasn’t his cup of tea. Being a typical guy, his idea of a good meal is a monstrous course at a mid-tier restaurant or at the hawker centre. My parents, on the other hand, were quite delighted by the whole experience. They enjoyed the ambiance and took pleasure in wandering around the restaurant to take photos of the skyline. It was also a welcome change from our usual hawker fare.

Out of the three restaurants I tried, including Absinthe and Blue Bali, Zafferano would rank in the middle of the pack. Blue Bali is my favourite; it may not be the most fancy but it was the most relaxing dining experience for me. Absinthe’s food underperformed my expectations. Zafferano comes in middle for having better food than Absinthe.

Zafferano Restaurant

Ocean Financial Centre, Level 43
10 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049315

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