Chua Chu Kang BIG Farm Walk & Run 2013

Last Sunday I took part in an 8km neighbourhood run at Chua Chua Kang. This run, unlike the more fancy ones organised by Bloomberg or Standard Chartered, was planned by a number of community centres, including Yew Tee Community Club and Bukit Gombak Community Centre. The entry fee was a mere $8 ($10 if you are a non-PAssion card member).

It took me more than half an hour to drive to Chua Chu Kang in the wee hours of the morning but I was seduced by the thought of running through our local farms, imagining that it would be picturesque with rolling fields (it wasn’t).

The starting point was at Brickland Road. We arrived about 10 minutes late, by which point the 8km runners had already been flagged off. The start point wasn’t clear at all. There wasn’t a big banner or anything. This photo shows the start point.

chua chu kang run

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t kind to us at all. It was a terribly hot morning but the run got more comfortable when we turned deeper into the farm area. The roads were lined with trees so that helped keep us cool. Emily wore a show-stopping neon green top and orange shorts. No, this wasn’t the official race shirt.

chua chu kang run 2013

We stopped many times during the run. One time was to take photographs.

chua chu kang farm

Another time I had to retrace my running path because I dropped $20 from my waist pouch. One of the organisers saw me running against the human traffic and asked me what I was doing. I told him about the money and it turned out that he had it with him. He said that one of the dogs picked it up and passed it to its owner, who in turn passed it to him. What a clever dog!

As we ran passed the finishing line, we were given our medals and goodie bags immediately. That’s what I call good organisation! There was even a Mr Bean van serving soya bean milk, which Emily was very delighted with.

mr bean soya

The goodie bag was quite amazing as well, considering the $8 entrance fee into the race. It came in a yellow drawstring bag. The material was quite flimsy and looks like it would break after a few uses but this was a lot better than receiving items in a shopping bag that you have to carry on the crook of your elbow.

cck big farm run goodie bag

These were the goodies and the medal. I ate the orange and gave the rest of the food away.


And as usual for my post-run rituals, I indulged in some yoga stretching. The blue shirt I’m wearing is the actual race shirt given by the organisers of the Chua Chu Kang BIG Farm Walk and Run.


All in all, it was a pretty well organised race. You simply cannot beat the entry fee. In terms of comparison, this was way better organised than the Straits Times Run, which still ranks as the crappiest race I’ve ever taken part in, but wasn’t as good as the Yellow Ribbon Run.

2 thoughts on “Chua Chu Kang BIG Farm Walk & Run 2013”

    1. It was not bad! But it was less pretty than I thought it would be. I expected gentle rolling hills and some free-range animals but I guess all the animals were kept indoors.

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