Paleo goodies for Christmas

I love December. It’s my favourite month of the year. We have Christmas and New Year is just round the corner. Work slows down. Everyone becomes more relaxed. It is also a time for pigging out on cakes, cookies and sweets galore.

I’ll be away for most of Christmas this year in Taiwan hiking in Taroko Gorge (yay!) but I have one or two parties to attend. What better way to introduce people to your fantastic paleo diet then baking some yummy goodies for them?

This year, I’m planning to bake at least one of these paleo goodies. Click on the title for the link to the recipes!

Paleo fruitcake 

This is a recipe by Elana’s Pantry and uses almond flour as the base.



Chocolate truffles

This is a recipe from Nom Nom Paleo and uses dark chocolate and coconut.

paleo chocolate truffles


Paleo Christmas Dinner Menu

Eat Drink Paleo has a complete dinner menu for those people who are entertaining from start to finish. The meal looks so incredible I’m drooling.

  • Antipasti – liver pate, salami, carrot sticks, sliced radishes, olives, sun-dried tomatoes
  • Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus
  • Macadamia & Parsley Crumbed Rack of Lamb
  • Balsamic Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
  • Sweet Potato & Mushroom Gratin
  • Blueberry & Lemon Mini Trifles
  • Drinks: Sparkling Shiraz or Champagne to start with followed by a nice Shiraz, Sangiovese or Tempranillo


Primal Holiday Desserts

Mark’s Daily Apple has a list of holiday desserts including coconut macadamia bars, chocolate chip cookies and holiday spice balls. They are all low in sugar. The coconut macadamia bars picture below, for example, only consist of coconut oil, coconut flakes and macadamia nuts – simple and primal!


For those of you who can’t be bothered to bake, you can also order low-GI desserts online. Delcie has a Chia Seed Christmas fruit cake and you have the option of choosing either gluten-free (wheat flour replaced with gluten-free flour) or diabetic-friendly (raw sugar replaced with agave syrup and coconut flower sugar).

Happy holidays and happy eating ahead!!

5 thoughts on “Paleo goodies for Christmas”

    1. Thank you! I’ve been so busy and can’t even find time to blog… looking forward to baking and experimenting with different paleo goodies. I know I still owe you a banana bread!

  1. Hey there! Lovely post, I have been thinking about how to eat better for Christmas too.

    I’ve been visiting your blog for a while and just found a paleo cafe/takeaway place in Square 2 and thought you might want to try it out. I wanted to last night, but the parents wanted soup spoon hehe. The place is called Caveman Food and they do half chicken/full chicken set meals with salad and sweet potatoes, quite alright price at 16.90. I think they have a website too! Look forward to reading what you think about the place. 🙂

    – Lin

    1. Yes that’s next on my list! I’m looking forward to checking them out, just need to find time to get to Novena. Thanks for highlighting and I will definitely write a review on them when I visit.

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