Wang Yuan Fish Soup review: organic home-grown vegetables

You don’t tend to find organic food sold at coffee shops. I’m so used to poor quality ingredients at hawkers that I took a double take when I stumbled upon Wang Yuan Fish Soup at Tampines.

Wang Yuan Fish Soup

Derrick Ng (pictured above) has several news article at the front of his stall written about his organic home-grown vegetables. He runs a series of urban gardening projects called Generation Green and he grows everything from chye sim to kai lan. He started eating organic vegetables personally before realising that it would complement his family’s fish soup business.

I ordered a bowl of mixed fish soup without milk. Mixed fish soup consists of both fried and non-fried fish, along with the organic vegetables and some tomatoes. This cost me $4.20.

organic singapore

The fish was fresh and the soup was tasty. The soup looks quite oily in the photo but when I was eating it, I didn’t feel greasy. The vegetables should be the differentiation point but honestly, I didn’t taste any extra freshness. I guess it’s a bit difficult when they are all boiled up and have absorbed the taste of the soup. The best way to eat naturally-grown produce is raw I think. That’s when you get the full freshness.

One thing I liked about Wang Yuan were the condiments provided. Usually, at fish soup stalls, you only get cut chilli in a soya sauce. But they had four different kinds of sauce.

The first one is the usual chilli in soya sauce. The third one from the left is ginger in soya sauce. I really like ginger and I was happy I could dip my fish in the sauce but it was a tad too salty for me.


If you are in the area (Tampines St 81), do check out Wang Yuan Fish Soup. Or if fish soup doesn’t take your fancy, you can also eat at Soi Thai Kitchen, which is a Thai restaurant, just round the corner on the same street, which sees long queues every meal time. I have not tried it but I plan to some day!

Wang Yuan Fish Soup

Blk 824 , Tampines St 81

3 thoughts on “Wang Yuan Fish Soup review: organic home-grown vegetables”

  1. I’ve been a regular customer of this fish soup stall. I really love the variety of healthy noodles, tasty soup and organic veggies 🙂 however, I recently found that this stall is no longer at the coffee shop. Do u happen to know where the stall has moved to?

    1. Hi Joe! I haven’t been in a long while so I’m afraid that I don’t know what happened to the fish soup stall. I’ll try and dig up some information 🙂

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