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The last time I tried sugar-free chocolate did not turn out so well. The brand was Sugarless Gourmet Fresh Mint and I wrote about how the chocolate, which used maltitol to replace sugar, didn’t taste genuine enough. It wasn’t dark enough, it was too sweet and the mint taste was too strong.

I told myself that I would just stick to my favourite Lindt Excellence Extra Dark Chocolate 85%, which was a “real” chocolate that didn’t use fake sugar. But I was craving for other flavours so when I came across Chocoelf’s sugar-free chocolates at NTUC Unity, I caved and bought two flavours – mint and green tea. Each sold for $6.80.

Chocoelf singapore

Cocoelf beat the Sugarfree brand by miles. The chocolate was creamy and had the right balance of chocolate, cream and sweetness. I find that fake sugar tends to be quite cloying, and I have written about how I hate Stevia with a vengeance. Chocoelf, on the other hand, was pleasant and well balanced.


A look at the ingredients confirmed why Chocoelf tasted so much better to me. I am comparing Chocoelf’s Green Tea with Sugarless’s Mint chocolate – not the best comparison I know but it’s an indication nonetheless.

Chocoelf Sugarless
Ingredients Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, green tea, natural vanilla, soya lecithin, maltitol Maltitol, Cocoa Paste (Minimum Cocoa 52%), Cocoa Butter, Inulin, Cocoa Powder, Soy Lecithin, Natural Mint Flavour



  • Chocoelf’s first ingredient is cocoa, whereas Sugarless’s first ingredient is maltitol. This explains why Sugarless tastes cloying and sweet to me.
  • Chocoelf’s last ingredient is maltitol. Score! Not only is Chocoelf sugar free but they seem to be quite conscious about using too much of the fake stuff.
  • Chocoelf’s serving size on its nutrition label is for the entire bar of chocolate – which comes up to 314 calories and 31.8 grams of carbs. Very realistic of them to know that most people can demolish an entire bar of chocolate in one sitting. In contrast, Sugarless’s serving size is 8 gram and there are 12 servings per packet. Really? That must be one square of chocolate or something.
  • Chocoelf is a local brand (link to a Chinese language documentary about the brand) and the chocolates are made in Singapore.

Between green tea and mint, I prefer the green tea flavour. I have eaten about four bars of chocolate from this brand now. Chocoelf also has a lot of other flavours and some of them sound really out of this world to me. They include:

  • Potato chip
  • Durian
  • Wasabi
  • Kaya
This is my chocolate dream come true

These can be purchased from their online store or from Takashimaya Basement Two Food Hall, or Gardens by the Bay Orchid Garden Gift Shop, or at NTUC Unity, although the flavours available at the latter will be limited. There were certainly no durian flavoured chocolate there!

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