Green Corridor 10.5km Run 2014 – more like a Brown Run

This May I took part in the Green Corridor Run – a trail run extending from the Tanjong Pagar railway station up north to Bukit Timah railway station. My favourite kinds of runs are trail runs and they are so much more fun than just pounding up and down the Marina Bay area, where most runs in Singapore seem to be held.

I was not disappointed with the Green Corridor Run. I ran on grass, gravel, clay and mud and things  became more exciting when the downpour started 1km into the run.

The start point was right at the start of the train rails, where the now defunct train from Singapore to Malaysia used to run. Apart from being beautiful and green, there’s also some nostalgia and a lot of history behind this stretch of land.

green corridor run

The Green Corridor 3

The organisers gave us four waves to choose from to start our race. The quicker you were, the earlier you would start the race. I chose the second timing of 920am.


The race flagged off on time and everything went smoothly. People walking in large groups right from the start is something that irks me and to my relief, very few people did that. Most people just jogged at an even pace and we all trotted along happily.

We were told to wear a cap and boy was I glad I did when it started raining 1 km into the run. My visor kept the rain from stinging my eyes. As the rain got heavier, the ground got muddier and that was when people started walking gingerly.

green corridor 2014

On regular days I am quite a girly girl and I keep myself quite clean. But there’s just something about trail runs that bring out the child in it. While everyone started walking, I ran straight into the mud and felt my legs growing stronger as the trail got more difficult.

On hindsight, I suppose people may have been concerned more about safety than dirt because the ground indeed turned more treacherous as the rain got heavier. At some parts of the trail all you could see were pools of water and you couldn’t tell how deep it went.

At the 3.5 km mark, my running buddy stepped into a pot hole of water and went tumbling to the ground. When he got up, his ankle was busted. He tried to limp along but one thing I knew from dealing with my injuries was that you never ever exercise on an injury. It will just make it worse and you delay your healing time because of impatience.

So we quit the race. It was my first ever Did Not Finish (DNF).

green corridor run girl

Here we were taking a rest from the rain and trying to figure out how to exit the Green Corridor after my friend’s injury. The rain had washed away most of the mud from my legs at this point so I looked relatively clean.

As we crossed the overhead bridge back to civillisation, I looked at the runners longingly – the runners who were going to conquer the run and make it to the 10.5km finish mark.


Until next year, Green Corridor!!! That is, if the government doesn’t come along first and build some HDBs on you.

What I love about the run: It’s a trail run – ’nuff said! Apart from that, it was well organised. The shuttle bus from Outram MRT to the start point came on time and we didn’t have to queue to get on the bus. The material of the shirt was really good – plus, it was sleeveless.

What can be improved: The goodie bag was lacking. I didn’t mind that there were no extra freebies and only some useless vouchers but I thought that something related to sustainability and maybe to eco-friendly businesses would have been a good tie-in. There was an ambulance parked at the road for emergencies but no basic first aid. We couldn’t get ice for the ankle sprain.

2 thoughts on “Green Corridor 10.5km Run 2014 – more like a Brown Run”

  1. Nice review.

    Did they give out the event singlet? Was the size according to 1/2 of chest (inches) quite accurate for Asian fit?

    1. Hiya yes they gave the event singlet. I think the quality is very good. I can’t remember what they asked me when I picked my shirt size. But it fits well and appeared as expected.

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