Nut butters made in Singapore

Nuts are great for your health. I love my nut butters and I usually buy them from Melrose or Meridian. They sell everything from almond to macadamia butter. Now, instead of buying them from foreign brands, we can reduce our carbon footprint and at the same time, support local butter churners.

One such company is Nuts About Butter, which creates their butters using baked nuts, raw honey and sea salt. They have three different flavours: almond, almond macadamia and almond sesame. You can buy them in full sized jars or small little cute ones like these below.

Nuts About Butter

I have never had nut butters with sweeteners before. The honey was a nice addition because it balanced out the creaminess of the nuts.

Blender in action
Nuts are blended into a creamy paste

Nuts about Butter can be purchased at:

On my recent trip to the Kranji Countryside Farmers’ market, I also came across nut butters made by The Hunters’ Kitchenette.

Shopping at the Kranji Farmer's Market
Shopping at the Kranji Farmer’s Market

I bought the black sesame cashew butter because I’m a huge fan of black sesame. I have a particular weakness for Zhi Ma Hu, which is a Chinese dessert of black sesame paste.

Nut butters galore at The Hunter's Kitchenette
Nut butters galore at The Hunter’s Kitchenette

Like Nuts About Butter, ingredients are kept to a minimum. The nut butters contain roasted nuts, coconut palm sugar and sea salt. One 200g bottle costs between $14 to $16.

Nut butters from The Hunter’s Kitchenette can be purchased at:

Give nut butters a try today! For those of you used to sickeningly, sweet commercial peanut  butter, these nut butters are definitely a much healthier and yummier alternative.

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  1. Nice write up! Love their nut butters! Anyway there’s a new locally made nut butter which is Wild butter co. You can check them out at

    Unlike the current nut butters, they have interesting flavours!

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