Stop this fat talk

We (women)Ā have all indulged in talk like this from time to time.

“My thighs are huge. I can’t wear these white jeans.”

“I look like I’m three months pregnant. I need to go on a diet.”

“I’ve been so bad. I ate both lunch and dinner today. I need to run twice the distance this evening to burn off the calories.”

I’m no stranger to complaining about my body. My favourite target is my tummy and it drives me nuts as to how I can never wear cropped tops or a bandage dress because I store all my fats there. From a biological standpoint, being predisposed to storing fats around my waist has no detrimental effect on my health and I should be happy that I am healthy and relatively fit. But from an asthetics standpoint, I’m pissed that I can’t wear bandage dresses like Blake Lively.

bandage dress celebrity

So my “fat talk” typically revolves around how I need to lose weight on my tummy and feeling frustrated because it’s not really possible to spot reduce. Even at my thinnest in university, I still sported a smallĀ paunch (You see, this is how my fat talk starts). Continue reading Stop this fat talk

20% of my body is made of fats

I’ve noticed the fat analyser in my gym but never had the courage to use it. Would the personal trainers come over to sell me their services if I use their machines, I wondered.

My wonderment came to an end a few days ago when I saw a man step up to the fat analyser, not once, but twice. He received two print-outs for his efforts. I waited until the gym was mostly empty before I got onto onto the machine.

I entered my height, age and gender. The machine did the rest.

As I waited for my diagnosis, I felt like a child waiting for my exam results.

body fat Continue reading 20% of my body is made of fats