Review: PetCubes – home delivery of fresh, all natural food for your pets

Not only do humans require fresh, all natural food to enhance our health, animals do as well. Imagine eating canned food or biscuits every meal of your life. Not only is it so unhealthy for you with all the preservatives and chemicals, it’s also so boring for your taste buds. Yet the conventional wisdom is that dogs can only get a “complete and balanced diet” by eating kibbles (processed commercial food).

I always believe in taking good care of my pets, who entrust their lives to me and depend on me for their well being. I do this by feeding my dog a paleo diet because dogs are largely carnivores.

I believe that the best way is to cook fresh food for dogs, although a raw diet should be as beneficial, if not more. One way is to buy fresh meat and vegetables from the market for our dogs but sometimes it’s difficult to do so when we are busy at work. So I was very happy to come across Fresh Pets, an online pet company that delivers fresh food and supplements to homes.

Guan Guo, who runs the business with another partner, dropped by to meet Pudding, my maltese-poodle cross, and to pass me some samples of the dog food. Here is Pudding receiving him with a handshake.


The food is called PetCubes and contains meat and vegetables. It is cooked, vacuum sealed then frozen to -25 degrees celcius. To prepare the food for eating, just thaw it or pour boiling water over the packet to warm it up. The food contain no preservatives, colourings or additives.

Pudding got to try four different flavours – lamb, salmon, pork and beef. They came in the smallest size because she’s only 4kg.


For example, the beef packet consists of:

  • Beef (32%)
  • Liver, spleen and lung (18%)
  • Pumpkin (15%)
  • Sweet potato (12%)
  • Various other vegetables like green bean

All good stuff as you can see! It’s also very important that dogs eat not only the meat of the animal, but also the organs so that they get the full spectrum of nutrients.

Here’s a closer look at the salmon meal. The black stuff is cranberry and blueberry powder, which provides an additional boost of antioxidants for your pet. This powder is only included in the PetCubes Shield range, which is one level from the basic Essential range.


The price of the food is very reasonable. I plan to order 4 weeks of the beef cubes in 2015. This entitles me to 56 packets of food, with each weighing 320 grams. Since Pudding is a small dog, it is recommended that she eats only 1/4 of the cube. So this means that she only needs to consume 1/2 a cube each day (two meals a day). This works out to 112 meals or 56 days of food. Each meal costs $173.60/112 = $1.55. Of course, if your dog is bigger, he would eat more and the price of each meal would rise.

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