What people eat around the world

In 2007, photographer Peter Menzel and writer Faith Dā€™Aluisio visited 30 families in 24 countries to document what they ate. The results were incredible photographs showing Indian, Japanese, Mexican families with their weekly meals.

The Patkar family spends around $45 per week
The Ukita family spends around $361 per week

I have always been curious about what other people eat. When I’m at supermarkets, I would peer into the baskets of other shoppers. Did that man just buy 10 bags of Coke and 8 bags of potato chips? And, oh wow, that salmon looks amazing – where did she get that?

In their 2010 book What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets, Peter and FaithĀ focused on the diets ofĀ individuals instead.

On one extreme, we have this lady in the UK showing us what she eats on a bingeing day.Ā Her bagsĀ of chips, chocolate bars, bread and sausagesĀ amounted to more than 12,000 calories.

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