Review: Absinthe Restaurant, great starters, so-so main course

I am a very boring person. I can eat the same thing everyday and do not really need variety. But thanks to a close colleague of mine, I have become more adventurous of late. In her own words, she has “decadent interests.” It was through her that I found out about Singapore Restaurant Week. In this one week, top restaurants around Singapore offer a three-course meal for $35-$40.

We picked Absinthe Restaurant, which is located at Boat Quay, for a three-course lunch. This is French fine dining so I knew the portions would be small. The good thing about French food is that you can be assured of the quality of the food. When I was in France a few years ago, every meal I had there was top notch and made with the freshest of all ingredients. I had cheese and red wine with almost every meal. I had mussels for lunch and grilled pork for dinner. It was heavenly. I don’t believe I touched anything processed.

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Casa Bom Vento Restaurant – Peranakan and Eurasian food

casa bom vento

Happy Hari Raya everyone! To celebrate this Muslim festival, I decided to have some Peranakan/Eurasian food at Casa Bom Vento, which is located at Joo Chiat. Peranakan food is an amalgation of Malay and Chinese food, and is unique to Singapore and Malaysia. This is only about the fourth time I’ve had Peranakan food. The first time was in Malacca, and the next two times were at True Blue Cuisine.

Casa Bom Vento was cosy and warm. It was a perfect place to have a relaxing weekend meal.

peranakan food singapore

I didn’t know much about Peranakan or Eurasian food so we decided to go with the recommended dishes. The signature dishes were the curry debal (or devil’s curry) and the grilled baby stingray with black peppercorns and curry leaves. We were warned that the curry debal would be very spicy and not for the faint-hearted. Continue reading Casa Bom Vento Restaurant – Peranakan and Eurasian food

Yanant Thit Myanmar Restaurant – smelly and yummy

Myanmar food has a particular smell. It’s obvious once you step into Peninsula Plaza. To most of my friends, it evokes an “Eww my hair is going to stink” reaction but to me, it causes me to salivate. I think it’s the smell of fermented fish and fermented beans.

I have noticed as well that Singaporeans tend not to like Myanmar food. Every time I eat at one of these restaurants or cafes, I’m the only Singaporean in a sea of Burmese people. Sometimes the stall keepers don’t even speak English. They don’t need to because their clientèle are all their people.

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Restaurant review: Red Pig Korean Restaurant

I found another paleo-friendly restaurant!

Red Pig is a Korean restaurant that specialises in BBQ meat. It has a similar concept to Mookata, the Thai BBQ place I reviewed recently. I think I prefer Red Pig because the meat have less sauce and feel less heavy in my tummy.

It was Alicia’s suggestion to go to Red Pig for a girl’s night out. We made a reservation for 730pm on a Thursday night because it was known to get packed really quickly.

Red Pig Singapore

All the tables came with a BBQ grill and some vacuum tube from the ceiling that sucks up the BBQ fumes. Nonetheless, be prepared for your clothes and hair to stink after Red Pig. Continue reading Restaurant review: Red Pig Korean Restaurant