Wang Yuan Fish Soup review: organic home-grown vegetables

You don’t tend to find organic food sold at coffee shops. I’m so used to poor quality ingredients at hawkers that I took a double take when I stumbled upon Wang Yuan Fish Soup at Tampines.

Wang Yuan Fish Soup

Derrick Ng (pictured above) has several news article at the front of his stall written about his organic home-grown vegetables. He runs a series of urban gardening projects called Generation Green and he grows everything from chye sim to kai lan. He started eating organic vegetables personally before realising that it would complement his family’s fish soup business.

I ordered a bowl of mixed fish soup without milk. Mixed fish soup consists of both fried and non-fried fish, along with the organic vegetables and some tomatoes. This cost me $4.20.

organic singapore

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Absolute Thai restaurant – are you sure it’s Thai food?

I love Thai cuisine. Something about the combination of aromatic herbs like basil, lemongrass and mint, as well as coconut cream, appeals to my taste buds. Thai food, when cooked properly, can also be very paleo and nutritious. I remembered the first time I went to Bangkok, I was shocked at how small the food portions were! For every bowl of food the Thais ate, I could eat two times of that! That’s how Thai people remain so slim!

I have been to Absolute Thai a couple of times now. It’s an easy restaurant to eat at because it’s seldom crowded compared to the other restaurants in the vicinity of Tampines such as Din Tai Fung. Well, there is a reason why it’s usually empty – the food is just mediocre.

Absolute Thai Singapore

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Restaurant review: Dian Xiao Er

Dian Xiao Er seriously sells the best roasted duck ever. I would be perfectly happy eating their roasted crispy duck every day. Granted, Chinese restaurants are, in general, not paleo friendly at all, given the amount of soya sauce and starches that go into their sauces but I found that several dishes in this restaurant fall into my “tolerable” range.

This restaurant looks rather gaudy with its red lanterns and Chinese inn-style decorations. I would have never stepped into this place if not for my mum’s recommendation. She, who didn’t really like the taste of duck, said that the duck sold there was heavenly. Prices were also very reasonable.

dian xiao er singapore

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