Coconut water – the real deal vs the packaged drinks

Coconut water has become the latest health craze in the US over the last few years, spurred by celebrity endorsement fromĀ Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. The latter did a three-week cleanse in which she survived on coconut water,Ā pumpkin seeds, miso soup and fruit smoothies, among other food. In 2010, Madonna invested US$1.5 m in Vita Coco, which as you can see from this graph below, is the market leader in the US for coconut water.

coconut water trend

I regard this with some amusement. I grew up drinking coconut water (and eat coconut flesh) straight from the husk. If you live in South-east Asia, coconuts are plentiful and cheap. You can go to any hawker centre and buy a fresh coconut for S$2. You can choose between young and small coconuts to the larger, less sweet varieties. Heck, I’ve even went camping in Pulau Hantu, which is a small island off Singapore, and my friends climbed a coconut tree to pluck the fruit fresh off the branch.


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Absolute Thai restaurant – are you sure it’s Thai food?

I love Thai cuisine. Something about the combination of aromatic herbs like basil, lemongrass and mint, as well as coconut cream, appeals to my taste buds. Thai food, when cooked properly, can also be very paleo and nutritious. I remembered the first time I went to Bangkok, I was shocked at how small the food portions were! For every bowl of food the Thais ate, I could eat two times of that! That’s how Thai people remain so slim!

I have been to Absolute Thai a couple of times now. It’s an easy restaurant to eat at because it’s seldom crowded compared to the other restaurants in the vicinity of Tampines such as Din Tai Fung. Well, there is a reason why it’s usually empty – the food is just mediocre.

Absolute Thai Singapore

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Restaurant review: Mookata Tradtional Thai BBQ

I didn’t know what a Thai BBQ steamboat was until I tried Mookata Thai BBQ for the first time yesterday. In fact, yesterday was the first time I stepped into Golden Mile Complex, which is located at Beach Road. I’ve only been to Golden Mile to take the bus to Malaysia and didn’t know that it’s considered to be “Little Thailand.”

I wanted to do a review of Mookata because I think it’s a great place for paleo eating. The first thing I noticed when we sat down to eat was that lard was used to coat the grill.

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