What’s in my Kopi? Oh, I don’t want to know…

Ordering local coffee and tea is a whole art by itself. There is a whole unique lexicon to specify what you want. For starters, coffee is known as kopi and tea is known as teh. The milk used is not fresh milk but either condensed milk or evaporated milk. The most commonly ordered drinks are:

Coffee with milk – kopi (condensed milk)/kopi-c (evaporated milk with sugar)

Tea with milk – teh (condensed milk)/ teh-c (evaporated milk with sugar)

What I like is either kopi-c kosong or teh-c kosong (coffee/tea with evaporated milk and no sugar).

Kopi – coffee
C – evaporated milk
Kosong – no sugar

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Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day

I love breakfast, more so than lunch and dinner. Some people can just have a cup of black coffee in the morning. My brother often skips breakfast because he “isn’t hungry.”

Not me. I often wake up half starving and raring to sink my teeth into a hot slice of toast, bacon and eggs. Or prata. Or pancakes. Or scrambled eggs with garlic and cheese. One of my favourite things to do in hotels is to pig out at the breakfast buffet (also to be cheap and skip lunch after). I wouldn’t be interested in the Asian breakfast like the noodles or congee but I would wolf down pancakes, toast and eggs. Nothing has changed now, except that I try not to eat prata or other grain-based food.

My old favourites:

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