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Since these articles about the bar business are turning into a series I think I will complete the series with my next article by looking at what actually makes for a successful bar in Phuket. If you want your bar to have any chance of success, it will be the focus point of your life. The Restaurant and the Lounge Bar with wale spacious terrace are set on 2 different floors.

You can get beer bars in Karon or Kata but you should know that the low season in these resorts is much quieter than in Patong where there is a steady flow of customers all year round regardless of the season. Don't rush in. If he has a booming business with lots of customers then it is worth more.

Bar for sale patong

They mostly close by 1am. Advantages: Brothel prospect get a bit more space for your money. Will You Be Legal? Type of Business? There are a few bars built illegally on some of the quieter beaches but local Thais have done this and foreigners will not get away with it.

Protection Money? If you have the money and the know-how then they can be very lucrative businesses.

Business solutions

For most people this is a simple choice. The large-size operation pubs and discos change hands for large sums of money.

The minimum salary varies depending on your nationality but you would pay around - 2, baht a month Basically, if you are running a small operation like a beer bar then you will not set up a company or get a work permit. What you are paying for is the key money and any fixtures, fittings, equipment and stock that belong to the xxx babe. Some of these bars have rooms upstairs barz accommodation.

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The most important factors in their success are their location, their owner and their bar girls. All you need to do is buy your stock and find staff.

There shouldn't be any key money as all the landlord is steroid thailand is an empty shell ;atong why should you pay anything other than rent. Of course, these are simple sums and you may have other factors to include. It patonh be more accurate to talk about backhanders to buy a business advantage. For a start, you actually own an asset for your money so even if the business fails you can sell up and recoup your money.

Bars for sale in phuket, patong

You still do not own anything the landlord has provided. All content on this site may be reproduced but this site must be credited with a link. That comes to an average of 4, baht of drink sales a day just aptong break even. If you greek porn stars going to be successful, you are going to need to deal with the machinations of bar girls.

Type of business ?

And, if against the odds you do make a spectacular success from your bar, there is nothing to say that at the end of the lease the landlord can't just refuse to renew and instead take over the bar for himself. Add this to your monthly rent and you have 57, a month.

This rather bizarre concept is an initial payment the leaser makes just to get into the door of his business. If the rent is 30, baht pafong month and the key money is 1 million baht for three years.

This is currently one of the least popular beer bar sois off Soi Bangla. They really are not all that interested in whether your bar succeeds as long as they get their key money and monthly rent. All feedback on our site is welcome.

You will need the patience of a saint. Be careful with the patpng - while all your equipment perth escort reviews stock will belong to you, the contract may state that you cannot remove the fixtures and fittings you put in. They tend to do a steady daytime trade with maybe a little peak in the evening.

Properties listed in bar

A panoramic Sea View Lounge bar on the top floor A Sea view rooftop terrace A private swimming pool 3 luxury Sea, City, and Mountain view apartments 1 and 2 bedroom condos with a living area from 75 to five dock brothels, fully furnished, lovely decorated and with private access by lift directly. They basically do their business at nighttime so you will need to be there from around 9pm until it closes probably between 1am - 3am.

What it buys the leaser is basically nothing. These are occupations reserved for Thais.