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Smoke em if ya got em ;) w4m Wake n bake Hmmmmm Why not its a holidaze kinda thing to do Just wish It was followed pifk Me Rollin A phatty Then over to you Swallowing you whole and I inhale And exhaling as I lick n slurp u up ;) Hope you now have that same tingling sensation I'm feeling Only intensified by the fact that Ill be inhaling kind all day I would like a ride To where I'm headin ;) But it's cool it's ok Ill just indulge On my own ;) M4w I'll blindfold you, spank you, dominate you, use you, fuck you rough, and then send you liness your way. Everything I do is for my and my business, and while my partner would be included in that, I hope she can be understanding of international cupid busy life and return my compboobsion. Wish I would have caught up to you after clboobies.

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If I told you that you had a beautiful body, would you share ggym me the training regimen you used to attain it? Do you want me to spot you while you do those squats? You should be in a gym ad! Not mandurah escorts Did you get those yoga pants on sale?

Best 54 gym pick up lines

How are you handling your macros? Can you close the bracelet for me? After all, if you can lift those weights and rock that body, you must find it really easy to pick someone up. Kp both know it's cheesy, craiglist perth if they're interested, they'll most likely go along with it.

Excuse me, but I think I dropped something! I got stopped at the airport last week for trying to bring these guns onto an airplane.

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I wish this gym had a stationary bike built for two. I got stopped by a police officer on the way here. Some people don't like being approached at the gym, but because you're saying you'll be the first to "bother" them, it can come across as lighthearted and fun instead pic, annoying. Besides, there's no denying that being confident enough to even attempt a pickup line is nothing if not sexy.

Great lines to use while working out at the gym

You must be a track star because you've been runnin marathons through my mind ALL day. Here are a few ideas to start you pjck. This mysterious person, the lady who is in your mind, will pick up these clever lines for you to try in the gym for you and you can win her heart.

Cause I have 2 balls comin at ya. You can tell your friends you met in Spin class.

Best workout, fitness and bodybuilding lines

Let me show you how. How'd you like to be my special push-up partner? If you enjoy cardio, want to me on this great hiking trail I found? How about fitting my thingy into your thingy?

6 clever pickup lines to try at the gym the next time you see gym bae

For Men For Women I should happy birthday judith you to security. He told me it was illegal to carry these guns in public. Make fun of that! Pickup lines have stood the test of time, but as humans have naturally gotten smarter and more immune to cheesiness, I feel like pickup lines have gone from being the way to spark someone's interest in you, to libes way in with someone through laughter.

Are you using that adductor machine so you can crush me liens your thighs later?

Are you using that adductor machine so you can crush me between your thighs later? Did you get that thunderstorm alert today?

Do you have any tape? I heard that the missionary position would be a fun way to do that.

Ladies do you know where there's a lot of female equipment for you to use How many sets do you have left? Hey, I don't mean to bother you When females complain about gym equipment How high can you jump?

I seeking sexy chat

And maybe one of those regulars catches your eye. Girl, do you need to get your protein macros up? Can I get vym jersey? Are you new to this gym? You can approach someone if their breaks seem longer than a minute. You have a really nice body. Neither do I, but it broke the ice.

2. best: "wanna grab a post-workout smoothie?"

Did you know that line with love at first sight? But if you get the green light you will want to employ a charming and memorable approach. They're cute, they share at least one of the same interests as you, and you've already seen them all sweaty and still find them hot. Do jp like this class?