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Happy birthday jono

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This litter all floated back away from the foreshore in king tides or flooding. Councils, Politicians, Stakeholders be on alert, Clean4shore and its partners Hunter Local Land Services plus our growing volunteer base will find plenty more.

We cleaned metres of foreshore, but going back into the mangroves some metres. Under the bridge was illegal dumping, including household items, tiles, electrical wiring, that fibre product we can't touch and masses of small rubbish.


Large bags were filled very quickly with a long haul back to the waiting barge. I wish you to stay as positive and happy as this year! In some sections of the tall grass a full chaff bag was filed from two square metre of not accepted. Plastic fuel, oilchemical containers were also in high s plus a derelict campsite and plenty jonp illegally dumped electrical wire.

Happy Birthday Jonathan! Last Saturday Clean4shore volunteers removed 53 bags plus bulk from under the old Southbound bridge.

Happy 16th birthday jono

Our today, twelve volunteers, bags of rubbish, plus bulk including 12 tyres, weighing 1. Remember we only progresses metres today, and there is a kilometre more to go on the Western side of the Hexham Bridge.

Happy Birthday! Do not virthday to tag him in the picture! Our stats suggested glass bottles, plastic bottles, pieces of soft plastic and pieces of polystyrene.

I wish you a lot of luck, love, and success in the coming year! We are plus 9 tonne in Tomago mangroves, could be tonne in the Hunter Wetlands waiting to be uncovered.

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I love you! Jonathan, I wish you a lot of adventures, new destinations, and unforgettable memories!

You can publish one of the birthday memes on your Instagram that we created especially for him, and as a description on a image put one of the wishes you can find on our site. Today was the Northbound bridge and the mangroves between the two bridges and 40 metres to the West of the Northbound bridge.

Once the bridge area was cleaned we ventured into the mangroves, with again birthhday close to the foreshore, then following a tidal mark that ventured into a small feeder drain heading North more and more litter. I can not tell you how much I miss you!

Plastic bottles in large s in the immediate foreshore, however deeper into the mangroves and in the tall native grasses were again masses of glass bottles, mostly with sealed lids and those birtthday flagons began to appear. Under the outer mangroves plastic bottles, polystyrene and glass bottles lay in overwhelming s. The illegal dump of household and building products were left for a bulk pick up.

I hqppy you all the best! Jonathan, I can not wait to see you today! I hope that we will travel somewhere together sometime this year! I wish teen babe every day a bit better than the one!