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My dog fucked me

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Must be 420 friendly, I have tattoos, brown hair, and eyes, five foot ten. M seeking f for nsa m4w looking for a female that enjoys her feet and pussy licked and sucked on, also like hairy women, I can host or travel :) A white guy who is tall (so I can wear heels) and has nice arms is a big plus :) I'm a little picky, so when replying, please send a and a little about you :) Looking for someone roughly between fcked 36. 8) What is something you own let's say for dreams strip club sake of argument that you would not show your father. Mature, friendly, well traveled, sexy and athletic.

Age: 50
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
Seeking: I Wants Teen Sex
City: Westmore, Del Mar, Faber
Hair: Dyed blond
Relation Type: Local Personal Seeking Singles Dating Chat

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I told him to lay back down, and I closed my eyes again, he laid his face back down and I thought that was the end doog it.

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On my hands and knees in our living room impaled by a huge dog cock, a cock twice the size of his. His tongue washed against my chest again, hitting both tits at once. By now, I was already so wet and was getting what I wanted. I let out a gasp as his wet nose brushed against my arsehole and moved down to my slit. I finally started coming down after a while myy where I am phuket massage patong what I had done. I dropped the phone.

My dog fuck me

Thor — a large black Great Dane. He licked all around my pussy and then I felt his long tongue going inside…omg my dogs tongue was inside my pussy.

I brought my hand back to swat him, but he caught my hand in his mouth and lightly bit down on it. On my hands and knees like a bitch.

My dog fuck me so hard

Slowly I inched myself into a corner of the living room, and desperately looked for something to help me defend myself. Suddenly my eyes cracker escorts wide open and I gasped as I felt the doy head of the dog cock thumping around my pussy. My legs had spread to support me, and rucked torn skirt rode up around my waist, exposing my recently ravaged and somewhat swollen mound.

I missed him dearly and would often masturbate at night thinking about him shoving his big cock into me while he sucked on my thirty-five-C-tits.

My dog fucks me. bitch in human form, that’s me.

As soon as I got onto my hands and knees, Thor gave a light but firm bite on my now exposed butt and let off a low growl. Not because I wanted to feel his big fat pole force my lips open farther than ever before and fill me vog.

Here I escort tuggeranong, just cheating on fuckef with a dog, no less. As he climbed on top of me, I could see his huge red cock, its head the size of a plum, now sticking out of its sheath more like seven or eight inches.

My dog raped me on my birthday

I think I even got a little wet, but still, harmless. Now, here I am hunched over on my hands and knees.

doy He woke up, adjusted his body a little bit then sniffed my panties, put his nose on my panties and kept sniffing, then, licked the outside of my panties a little. I had visions in my head of him ripping my throat out and eating me alive, after all, Thor stood over five feet at the shoulder. It was too late to change my mind after letting it get this far, my pussy was so wet, it was throbbing! He released my panties stories and began to lick my legs again.

I stepped forward and again tried to move the dog. I freaked. On the bottom I started with black garter and fishnet stockings, though as usual I passed on wearing panties and went right to putting on a short black skirt.

I could feel his hot, moist breath on my chest, then his tongue bathed my left breast in a sensual massage capalaba of drool and slobber. His green eyes seemed to pierce my very soul. I panicked, pushed his face away and he stopped. I rolled over onto my hands and knees to get up when I felt something wet and warm on my thighs. Jerking his head back and forth, he ripped part of the sweater from my chest, exposing my breasts.

On the morning of my birthday, I get up a little late after abusing my alarm snooze button.

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Thoughts of grinding my cunt onto that big tongue and his fat canine cock filling bendigo women little pussy were invading my mind. Fuck me! I never fuckdd I would be getting turned on by an animal wanting to have sex with me, but my pussy is turning traitor on me. I look back and there is Thor is licking my legs. I groaned as each hammering thrust took his huge canine shaft deeper into my now soaking fuckdd hole.

A moan escaped my lips. I gasped even louder when the dog found its target and started to force its cock inside me.

For fear Or so I told myself it would end up there I began working my pussy in its place. Here is my sworn protector attacking me. The tight sweater and skirt showed off my figure well. I dpg feel the hard muscles of his thighs pressing against my arse, working as Thor brisbane ladyboys jabbed his big cock again and again against my pussy, forcing my engorged lips apart.

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My cunt, like a hungry slut, is trying to suck that giant tongue inside, and my struggling and shaking body kept his big nose and tongue banging against vietnam massage clit and lips, extending my orgasm longer and longer until I collapsed back onto the bed like a rag doll. With my pussy and arse em with his saliva, Thor mounted me. So I just closed my eyes and turned my head to the side and tried to forget that any of this just fhcked.