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Nicknames for guy best friends

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What better way to cement this bond than by giving them nicknames? Scrappy-doo — Your mystery solving side-kick. Shutterstock For the friend who covers all their food with generous amounts of cheese.

Crybaby — A friend who complains about everything. Peanut — For a short and bald guy. Plum Cake For the stud bestie who pretends to have a hard exterior but is sweet and soft on the inside.

Fun nicknames for your friend that end in o

Squirrel — For a miserly guy. The inside jokes the two of you share are a great place to start when choosing a nickname. Smarty Pants For the know-it-all friend who you keep trying to save from trouble. Shutterstock For the ever sweet and colorful best friend who makes you believe in happiness.

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Romeo — A great name for a true ladies man. Ozzy — A bit of an odd kid but still a great friend. Do you have a favorite movie? If you are changing schools or starting a new job, this can be the perfect time to try out this new nickname. Thankfully, there are several ways you can come up with a nickname asian massage southport a guy.

Nicknames corinthians wedding reading supposed to express affection and friendship and are not deed to aid in hurting their feelings or to open the doors up to bullying. Blueprint For the bestie who plans out every detail before doing anything or going anywhere. Stinky For the friend who will not take a shower until you throw them in a pool!

+ great nicknames for best friends (both girls & guys)

Chatter Box For the one who loves talking and texts all day. Star For the bestie who is nicknamess superstar in the making and already escorts in gympie an imaginary spotlight above their head. Bruh — Street slang for your brother. A sentimental nickname is more meaningful than a general one that has no backstory behind it. Pimp — For a guy that gets a lot of girls.

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Shortie For the tiny nicknqmes whose head serves as an armrest. Bubbles For the emotional bestie who cries a river at every little thing. Calculator For the smart friend who can calculate how to split the restaurant bill in their head. This type of nickname can fuck tinder happen by accident when there are too many people in an office, class or social circle with the same name.

Homie — The coolest ghetto nickname for a guy that has your back in all situations. A good nickname ideally should be a lot simpler to write and say than your actual name.

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Rolly Polly You know this friend. Boxer — A real tough guy.

Shutterstock For the friend who always has the latest gossip! Yoda — A cool name for your male best friend that always the solution to your problems. Blossom For that one friend who is as nicknqmes as a budding cherry blossom and makes you feel fresh when they are around.

Hopefully, John has a good sense of humor, though. Cyclops — A great name for a friend that uses glasses. If you mujeres colombianas any traditions, these can also be carried out as usual while you try to think of some names. Oldie For the old soul stuck in a young body, the one who keeps you out of trouble. Champ For the champion of a friend who never misses an opportunity to make you feel proud.

+ nicknames for your male best friend

Amigo — A Spanish term used to describe a male friend. Knuckles — For a true tough guy. Chaos — For a guy that can turn a Christian movie set into a war scene in under a minute Chatterbox — A funny pet name for a talkative male friend. Hero For the bestie who makes you feel protected and will go to any limits to niclnames there for you.

Nemo This friend keeps getting lost in the crowd wherever you guys go. Halfling — A funny pet name for a short male friend.