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Sensual massage aspley

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Age: 32
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The session encouraged me, to be more open with my wife, and we had a wonderful lovemaking session in the days afterwards.

I could become addicted to your sessions. The sensations were not all concentrated in my penis.

Kinkassage, is a sensual, kinky and erotic bodywork technique, for adults over 18 years old. I would recommend every woman find the time and courage to experience a Kinkassage bodywork session with Yoni Whisperer Bodywork.

Sensual adventurous & erotic adult relaxation -official website

Thanks Aleena, I got the experience I wanted, and from a sensual point of view, my session was perfect. Aleena opened boundaries that I have hookups darwin guarded for most of my adult life and she has released emotions that I believed I had buried and forgotten.

Hi Aleena, I there hope all is well in the very unique and beautiful lifestyle you have chosen. When escorts pyrmont said it could bring things up you were certainly right, it has been a long couple of confronting weeks and I am finally getting back on track. Tell me your name, where you are located and your mobile phone.

Kinkassage® training

I felt more arousal, in my upper body, from my chest upwards, than amssage my genitals. When I cry, while having an orgasm, it felt like pain and certain emotions had been lifted and a sense of freedom. I will definitely be back to continue the delightful learning.

The Tantra experience today was a fully body experience from the chest upwards. Thank you, that was a lovely experience! This is the first time the focus has been completely on my pleasure.

That was amazing! If you have any questions, after you have been trained, then I am available for mentoring. Then I thought about what you said; focus above my head and let myself go…and it worked! Something, I had an inkling of at times with partners chat bodybuilding, but which I had never fully experienced.

Brisbane north, aleena

Thank you, my session was awesome! For 14 years I have build a solid brand name, from my bodywork studio in Brisbane and formally Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

It was all extremely intense, deeply pleasurable and quite a revelation of what my mind and body could do. Thanks again! I will then call you back to have a chat.

Was inspirational! My orgasm was longer than usual.

I always knew women could experience multiple orgasms, but I never knew men could also experience extended orgasms, without ejaculation. I am seensual pleased I booked two Combo Kinkassage sessions, of two hours each, when I visited Brisbane on holidays during February and March Is this what it feels like when thai striptease women has a full-body orgasm?

I was a bit nervous, but Aleena is very easy to talk with, relaxed and friendly and is very pretty with a lovely smile. I think I need a lot of practice still, with the techniques you showed me, about remembering to move my hips and keep my chin upwards. Kinkassage Erotic Massage Training.

Certified somatic sexologist & tantra professional – official website

I would describe Kinkassage, as a one-way-touch-bodywork modality, where the receiver is able to completely surrender into pleasure, and their sexual energy. I have never experienced anything like that before. It was an intense experience. Perhaps, at some stage Kinkassage will venture further overseas. As a middle-aged bloke I was interested in exploring more and whether a more intense and engaged sexual experience was possible.

I was able to feel the intense pleasure of it and even my partner said, that this time we were together, monica rodriguez escort felt different and lighter on my part. Weeks on I am sexually free and released the blockages that had been holding me back in and out of the bedroom.

I wanting sexual encounters

Many thanks, and if it is useful for you, I am very happy to write a testimonial for your website. NEWBIES: Perhaps, you are new to the sacred sexuality community and you would like to take advantage of my 14 years experience, full esnsual and ongoing support?

It is a whole new world to me. I enjoyed my full body orgasmic experience. I have never experienced such strong orgasmic sensations without ejaculation.